How do we improve the quality of arts and cultural education in primary schools? What does this mean for the curriculum and for teachers? From 12-14 February 150 policy makers and professionals from 26 European countries gathered in Amsterdam to tackle these questions, to exchange experiences and to be inspired.

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Her Majesty Queen M√°xima gave everyone a warm welcome and stressed the importance of cultural education in her opening address. 'My own experience, in fact one of my passions, lies in music education for all children. I am convinced that learning to play an instrument has tremendous value for children.'
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Jet Bussemaker, Dutch minister of Education, Culture and Science  thanked everyone for their presence and efforts to enhance the quality of arts and cultural education throughout Europe. 'We do not know what will trigger the children of today to become the cultural leaders or great artists of tomorrow. What we can do is give them the opportunities to discover culture and the arts. And if we can, we must.'
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Photografy: Co de Kruijf

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All participants at the conference received the introductory publication Quality Now!. Organiser LKCA issued this special edition of their Dutch-language journal Cultuur+Educatie for this occasion. Central to this publication is the commitment to quality enhancement of cultural education in primary schools in policy and practice.

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